New Elliminyt footpath to help more people be more active, more often

Published on 14 September 2018

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New Elliminyt footpath to help more people be more active, more often

Improved safety for school children and helping more people get active are two great outcomes of the new Queen Street footpath now connecting Elliminyt, according to Mayor Joe McCracken.

Cr McCracken is celebrating the completion of the $1.45 million project, which involved road widening, improved drainage and a new path for pedestrians and cyclists in Queen Street, linking Harris Road and Pound Road.

“We’re really pleased that this new 1.2 kilometre section of shared footpath has been completed in time for community members to enjoy it through the warmer, dryer months,” he said.

“The job has been done to a really high standard by our local contractor R Slater & Sons, it looks great and residents are already putting it to good use.

“It’s fantastic for the Elliminyt community and provides an important off-road connection to key facilities including Colac Secondary College, Elliminyt Primary School, Bluewater Leisure Centre, Central Reserve and it also links to the existing footpath network.”

Cr McCracken said where possible the pathway was constructed 2.5 metres wide to allow for shared pedestrian and cyclist use. He said two bike rails were also installed at Slater Street.

“The project had to work around some existing infrastructure and there were some challenges, but it’s a great outcome for the Colac Otway Shire team and for our community.

“Thousands of people will benefit from this capital investment for decades to come and that’s something this Council can be proud of.

“This project aligns with our Physical Activity Strategy and complements the ‘Choose to Change Colac: Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice’ initiative which is aimed at addressing rising obesity levels in our community. This initiative is a partnership between the Council, Colac Area Health, local schools and Deakin University.”

Cr McCracken said the Council was dedicated to improving its footpath network. He said such projects improved safety, especially for school children, but also encouraged more people to be more active, more often.

“Walking is by far the most popular activity for health and wellbeing and cycling is in the top five,” he said.

“Projects like the Queen Street footpath assist with making physical activity the easy choice and break down barriers to being active.”

Cr McCracken said the associated road widening in Queen Street had been completed and crushed rock applied until it could be sealed in summer when the remainder of the road will also be resealed.