Community can map their life's journeys as part of CrossXpollinatioN

Published on 11 July 2018

Jenny Grenfell & Heather Barker web.jpg

Community members are invited to map their life’s journey as part of this year’s CrossXpollinatioN textile and fibre art exhibition at COPACC until July 29.

South West TAFE’s Diploma and Certificate III Visual Art students are overseeing a ‘thread art’ community participation piece as part of the 2018 exhibition.

South West TAFE Art and Design teacher Sue Ferrari said people could map their personal journey via threads on a map.

“These could be journeys of immigration, ancestry, travel already undertaken or even travel that’s on your bucket list,” Ms Ferrari said.

Participants choose a coloured ball of yarn that they feel best represents them, and wrap it around pins that they have placed on a world map to show their personal journeys. Word plaques of explanation can also be added.

“As each person maps their personal journeys, they leave their contribution to the thread drawing,” Ms Ferrari said.

“As more and more people add their lines, patterns materialise and a textile work emerges that reflects the numerous journeys of the people who participated, becoming a group portrait.

“The additional element of narratives is formed through the personal word plaques.”

When participants have finished marking their journeys, they can set their ball on the table or allow the yarn to dangle to represent an unfinished journey. Alternatively, they might knot their yarn on the last pin they have placed on the board to represent a completed journey.

The journeys thread art community participation project will be on display in COPACC’s Civic Hall foyer for the duration of CrossXpollinatioN.

CrossXpollinatioN is proudly presented by COPACC and the Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery, and is sponsored by Tarndie, Irrewarra Sourdough and Star Printing.