Receiving and paying your rates

Receiving your rates notice

 There are two ways you can receive your rates notice:

1. Electronically - by using either of the following methods:

BPay View

Allows your bank to notify you when your notice is available to view


 Allows your notice to be emailed to you  

How to activate this method:

Step 1 Log on to your online banking account

Step 2 – Look for the ‘BPay View’ or ‘View Bills’ section

Step 3 – Register your rates notices

For further information visit:

 How to activate this method:

Step 1 – Scan the QR code on this notice, or

Log on to:

Step 2 – click the  New User ‘register’ link

Step 3 – provide the required details and ‘Save’

Step 4 – receive email to activate your account

Step 5 - click ‘Activation’ link to activate your account and follow the prompts

2. By mail

If you would like your rates notice sent to you in the mail, please ensure you provide Council with an accurate mailing address.

You can update your details online via Council's 'Update my details' page.

Paying your rates

Payment options:
Payment option  Due dates  Action required/Information
 Quarterly instalments 1st Instalment due 30 Sept 2016

2nd Instalment due 30 Nov 2016

3rd Instalment due 28 Feb 2017

4th Instalment due 31 May 2017

Activate this option by paying  the 1st Quarterly amount shown on notice by 30 Sept 2016

Once activated, notices will be sent for remaining instalments

Failure to pay the 1st Instalment amount by 30 Sept 2016 indicates you will pay the full amount by 15 Feb 2017
 Lump sum payment

Full payment due 15 Feb 2017

No reminder notice will be sent so please take action to schedule this payment
 Payment by arrangement

 Full payment due 31 May 2017

Flexible arrangements to suit you are able to be made. Contact Rates dept staff on 5232 9400

Payment methods:

1. pay online

You can pay your rates online here

2. Post Billpay

Visit the Billpay website or call 13 18 16 to pay your rates over the phone.
Billpay code: 0867
Reference Number: Your reference number is located next to the Billpay logo on your rates notice  

3. Direct Debit

Direct debit deductions from your bank account can be arranged. Please complete the applicable form below and submit.

 Rates-Direct-Debit-Application-Form-PDF.pdf(PDF, 130KB)

Variation-Rates-Direct-Debit-Form-PDF.pdf(PDF, 148KB)

For assistance contact our customer assist team on 5232 9400.