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6 March 2018

Stormwater Management system works commencing

Council has awarded Fitzgerald Civil Construction the contract for the stormwater upgrades in Wye River and Separation Creek, including table drains, driveway culverts and ancillary works. A copy of the drawings can be found here.

From Tuesday 13 March, we will begin upgrading driveway culverts to some properties in Riverside Drive and Wallace Avenue, Wye River and widening table drains. These works include the installation of new culverts and end walls, and a new concreted section from the road edge and a maximum of two metres above the new culvert.

At this stage, no roads will be closed to undertake this work. If for some reason we do need to close a road, we will provide plenty of notice to affected residents.

We will be carrying out the work in stages, and all residents/landowners in the first round of works have been notified by letter this week. If you have not received a letter by Friday 9 March, you are not in the first round of works and will be notified later, before works in your area begin. We are currently on track for the table drains and driveway culverts to be completed by August 2018.

At each stage of works, we will inform landowners at least a week before works commence. The works will affect driveway access to your property for approximately three days as the concrete needs this time to cure before vehicles can drive across it. Please avoid using the driveway during this time – such as parking in the street. Alternative arrangements can be discussed if necessary.

If you have any questions please contact Boyd Williams from Colac Otway Shire on 52329400.


January 2018

Temporary closure of Iluka Extension

As you may be aware, on 20 December 2017 Colac Otway Shire temporarily closed access to Iluka Extension from Iluka Avenue, due to a landslip, which undermined the road.Council is about to start remediation works, which are expected to take up to three months. As a result, the road is likely to remain closed until early April.

Council will provide regular progress updates on the WyeSep Facebook page and this website.We have written directly to property owners who are undertaking housing construction on Iluka Avenue and Durimbil Avenue.Thank you for your patience during these works. If you have any questions, please contact Boyd Williams at Colac Otway Shire on 52329400.


WSKRA AGM and election of committee members

The WSKRA Inc. AGM will be held on 25 February 2018, at 10:30am in the CFA Meeting Room.

At the AGM the Annual Report and Financial Report will be presented and an election for WSKRA committee positions will be held.

The relevant forms are listed in bold below. All relevant application forms can be found and downloaded at: http://www.colacotway.vic.gov.au/My-property/Fire-and-emergencies/WyeSep-Connect/WSKRA-Inc.Community-Resilience-Committee

  • If you wish to vote at the AGM and/or stand for committee positions you need to apply for membership of WSKRA by February 7. The membership form is: “WSKRA/Community Resilience Committee Application Form”  
  • Upon notification of acceptance of membership, you may then stand for the committee.
  • The Terms of Reference for WSKRA are: “WSKRA/Community Resilience Committee Terms of Reference”
  • Members of WSKRA who wish to vote at the AGM, but are not able to attend the meeting, may nominate a proxy (who must also be a WSKRA member) using the proxy form, “WSKRA Proxy Form”
  • Members of the WSKRA Committee are expected to demonstrate capacity to form respectful and effective relationships across the committee, the community, and with local and state government agencies in order to advance the Community Renewal Plan. Computer literacy, understanding of privacy principles, availability to participate in meetings (often by teleconference) and some understanding of recovery processes for disaster – impacted communities is desirable. Committee members, secretary and treasurer can expect to commit up to one day per fortnight to the role. Co-chairs may average three days per fortnight.
  • Persons interested in standing for the WSKRA Committee as a Community Member must lodge the form “WSKRA EOI Committee Community Member” by February 18th 2018.
  • Members of WSKRA wishing to stand for an office bearer position must lodge an additional form “Nomination form to be WSKRA Office Bearer” by February 18, 2018. To stand for election as an office bearer you must first be elected as community representative, or be an existing member of WSKRA as a representative of a community association.

Forms may be lodged by email to wskrasn@gmail.com by the due date, or at the Wye River Post Office addressed to WSKRA. If you have any queries please contact WSKRA at wskrasn@gmail.com.


PUBLIC NOTICE: Temporary Road Closure
The road at Illuka Extension has subsided due to a land slip, making it unsafe for vehicular traffic. As a result, a temporary road closure of Iluka Extension (joining Iluka Avenue to Stanway Drive) will occur effective from today - Tuesday 20 December. This also means that the gates at Stanway Drive will close earlier than the previously advertised date of 22 December. A further update will be provided with an expected timeframe for the road to be re-opened. Please contact Boyd Williams at Council on 52329400 if you have any questions regarding this temporary closure.   


Draft 2018-2019 Wye River, Separation Creek and Kennett River Renewal Plan(PDF, 2MB)

The draft plan has been developed by WSKRA (formerly CRC). We have worked with the relevant agencies to recognise achievements and work still to be done. View the plan here.(PDF, 2MB)

The Draft Plan is now open for community feedback. Please email your thoughts to wskrasn@gmail.com  by Jan 28, or speak to us at the Jan 3 CFA fete or the Jan 21 Community Forum at Wye River. The plan will be finalised by March 2018



Friday 24 November

Letter to residents and property owners(DOCX, 113KB)

Council has noted several trees' health declining in Wye River and investigated the matter which suggests these trees had been deliberately poisoned. Victoria Police is now investigating and taking the matter very seriously. If anyone has information regarding tree vandalism please contact the Apollo Bay Police on 52376750. Read more...(DOCX, 113KB)


Southern Landcare Update on Cape Wattle

Cape Wattle is emerging as a major weed in Wye River. Cape Wattle (Paraserianthes lophantha) is native to South West Australia and has become extensive in Eastern Australia. It is tolerant of poor soil conditions, fast growing and highly invasive in both bush and coastal settings.

The plant is adapted to recolonising after fire. After fire, the bulk of the seed bank is likely to germinate. It is this sort of episodic germination event that we are currently seeing in Wye River. This provides a window of opportunity to control the infestation before the plant sets seed.

Young plants can be removed by hand. Larger ones should be cut back and painted with an over the counter herbicide.Controlling Cape Wattle on your property now will be a great help to your local environment.


Final Stormwater Drainage System Designs

Thank you to everyone in the community for providing feedback throughout the Drainage Design and Stormwater Drainage Design Environment Impact Statement processes. The consultation period is over. Please access the final stormwater detailed designs here.

Growing Indigenous plants in fire prone landscapes(PDF, 447KB)

Join the Southern Otway Landcare Network as they partner with the community to learn how to grow a domestic Indigenous garden in a fire prone landscape. Saturday 11 November, BBQ Shed, Harrington Reserve Wye River 10.30am– 2.00pm This is a free event, lunch will be provided. Please RSVP for catering purposes to Libby Riches, libby.landcare@soln.org or 5237 6904  Read more...(PDF, 447KB)


Wye River and Separation Creek Community Fire Workshop(PDF, 481KB)

Saturday 4 November, Wye River SLSC 10am-2pm, all welcome. The information provided will assist you to undertake the most appropriate measures to prepare your property for the Fire Danger Period. Read more...(PDF, 481KB)


Drainage Scheme Environmental Impact Statement

The WSKRA Flora Fauna and Beachscape Work Group has responded to the Drainage Scheme Environmental Impact Statement on behalf of the community - read it here(DOCX, 16KB) 

Review of the Wye River and Separation Creek Fire Recovery

In January 2017, Emergency Management Victoria commissioned an independent review of the Wye River and Separation Creek fire recovery activities, focussing on the experiences of residents, local business owners, community organisations, local and state government and industry. The Review of the Wye River and Separation Creek Fire Recovery details the challenges faced by both government and community over the 15-month period from the day after the fire in December 2015 to March 2017.

Through the review, community members had the opportunity to reflect on their and the communities recovery and provide valuable insights into how government can best collaborate with communities during future recovery events.

The three key findings focus on: Communications and community engagement; The community-centred governance model; and The role of government leaders, departments and agencies in the recovery process.

The review is at: https://www.emv.vic.gov.au/publications/review-of-the-wye-river-and-separation-creek-fire-recovery


Archived news

Stormwater drainage design Environmental Impact Statement

You are invited to provide feedback on the Stormwater drainage design Environmental Impact Statement by 22 October to the Flora, Fauna and Beachscape Work Group of WSKRA via wskrasn@gmail.com  The written response will be put up on this site. The final stormwater detailed design drawings will be published on this website in early November. 

Wye River and Separation Creek Building Forum: sharing experiences and solutions

Please join us at a free Building Forum to help you navigate the building process, learn about building in the region and meet key trades and service providers. Experts will be on hand at the free Building in Wye River and Separation Creek Forum, to answer your questions and share their knowledge about building in the region. Sunday 22 October, 11am-3pm. This is a free event, and lunch is included. 

THIS FORUM IS FOR EVERYONE in Wye River, Separation Creek & Kennett River - those building, interested in management of wastewater or revegetation or extending your existing home. Many industry representatives will be able to assist you.

Geelong Conference Centre, Eastern Gardens, 20 Adams Court, East Geelong. Register through Event Brite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/wye-river-separation-creek-building-forum-at-geelong-conference-centre-tickets-36992481508


Parks Victoria Renewal Funds

Parks Victoria has received funding to assist with recovery of communities that were affected by the Wye River-Jamieson Track fires. Over the last month we have been gathering ideas from the local community and other stakeholders about projects that could be implemented with this money. Thank you to the 48 people who attended the listening posts on Friday 29 September in Wye River and Kennett River to comment on the project ideas that have come forward to date.

Some of the more popular ideas included walking trails (e.g. near Jamieson River, and around Separation Creek, Wye River and Kennett River), weed removal (in line with priorities already identified through community engagement), and toilets and picnic ground upgrade at Kennett River. Following consolidation of the feedback we will run the project list through a set of six criteria, which includes level of community support. This will enable us to come up with a prioritised list that will go to the Parks Victoria executive for approval.



Please take our one-question survey on traffic options for Stanway Drive(DOCX, 38KB)

Please take our one-question survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9F3MHMS to let us know which of the two options you prefer or to provide comments/suggestions. Background information here(DOCX, 38KB)


Parks Victoria Renewal Funds

Parks Victoria have recently announced an allocation of $3.4 million dollars to support the recovery of areas affected by the Wye River – Jamieson Track Fire. Funded initiatives might be tourism, environmental, cultural or visitor-related infrastructure. 

If you have ideas to contribute, please email the Community Resilience Committee at crcwyesepcommunityreps@gmail.com by Thursday Sept 21.

Alternative contact details are at http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/great-otway-national-park

We are going to hold ‘listening posts’ on Friday 29/9 as follows:
· Wye River 10:30-12:00pm outside The General
· Kennett River 1:30-3:00pm outside Kafe Koala
to share the list of projects that have been suggested for funding under Parks Victoria’s Renewal Funds project, and to get feedback on which should be the priorities. All are welcome to drop in at any time over the two 90-minute timeslots.


Wye River Public Land Update(DOCX, 3MB)

Plans have been prepared for a new lookout at Paddy’s Path and a riverbank platform in the foreshore caravan park. Lookout reconstruction - a new lookout will be constructed along Paddy’s Path to provide views across the beautiful Wye River foreshore. It will replace an existing lookout recently undermined by landslide activity and includes the re-siting of Paddy’s plaque, currently in safe keeping with the community. Read more...(DOCX, 3MB)


9 September Landslide on Great Ocean Road 

A landslide 4.5kms east of Separation Creek that has caused the Great Ocean Road to be closed.  VicRoads have initiated advice signage on arterial roads and are currently cleared the debris. We expect the road to be re-opened later this morning and advise you to monitor the VicTraffic website. At this stage VicRoads expect this to be by 11. https://traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au/

Wye River and Separation Creek Building Forum: sharing experiences and solutions

Please join us at a free Building Forum to help you navigate the building process, learn about building in the region and meet key trades and service providers. Experts will be on hand at the free Building in Wye River and Separation Creek Forum, to answer your questions and share their knowledge about building in the region. Sunday 22 October, 11am-2pm. This is a free event, and lunch is included. 

Geelong Conference Centre, Eastern Gardens, 20 Adams Court, East Geelong. Register through Event Brite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/wye-river-separation-creek-building-forum-at-geelong-conference-centre-tickets-36992481508


“Connecting with communities along the Great Ocean Road” 

The Kennett River Association would like to invite residents from the communities of Kennett River-Wye River-Separation Creek-Grey River for a social barbecue. Read more... (DOCX, 514KB)


September Community Meetings – Wye River and Melbourne(DOCX, 37KB)

  • Wye River Saturday Sept 2, 10.30 – 12.30, Wye River Surf Club
  • Melbourne Thursday Sept 7, 5.30 – 7.30, 8 Nicholson St, East Melbourne

Topics include: reticulated drainage plan discussion and feedback; emergency access between Wye River and Separation Creek; Parks Victoria support for Wye River area projects; Community Fire Prevention Plan; Wye River Recovery Evaluation. Read more...(DOCX, 37KB)


Stormwater concept plans now out 

The stormwater concept plans are now available for you to view before next week's community drop-in sessions. Please click to view the concept plans here(PDF, 45MB)A one-page PDF with the details of each plan sheet can be found here.(PDF, 98KB)

 A fact sheet about the project is here.(DOCX, 51KB)

Stormwater reticulation design community drop-in sessions – all welcome!(DOCX, 38KB)

Community drop-in sessions:

Tuesday 29 August Wye River Surf Lifesaving Club 4pm to 6.30pm with presentation of plans at 4.15pm and 5.30pm

Thursday 31 August Cardno Office – Level 4, 501 Swanston Street, Melbourne 5pm til 7pm with presentation of plans at 5.15pm and 6pm

Read more...(DOCX, 38KB)

No need to RSVP, please just come along.


Stage five retaining wall constructions to begin(DOCX, 752KB)

Construction will begin on Stage 5 of the retaining walls program in Wye River. Residents and visitors please note, major delays and road closure will occur on Koonya Avenue, Wye River  – between Durimbil Avenue and Dunoon Road – from Monday 21 August through to Friday 25 August 2017. Read more...(DOCX, 752KB)


Accommodation for Fire Affected Community Members(DOCX, 38KB)

The following offers of accommodation are available to members of the Wye Sep communities who lost houses or who suffered damage during the 2015 Bushfire. Scully Mill Separation Creek - Free accommodation at Scully Mill for owners of destroyed homes is still available following generous action of a private benefactor in funding 100 nights accommodation. Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve - The Otway Coast Committee are offering discounted rates to assist and support community members through the rebuilding process. Read more...(DOCX, 38KB)


Retaining walls: stage four to begin(DOCX, 37KB)

Work is well ahead of schedule on the construction of 21 retaining walls across Wye River and Separation Creek. The Stage 4 schedule comprises the following properties: 45 Riverside Drive Wye River- drainage earthworks to commence on Monday 7 August 2017, will take approximately two days. Traffic management in place with minimum disruption expected for local residents and general traffic. 45 and 39 Riverside Drive - retaining walls expected to start Wednesday 9 August and be complete by 18 August. Read more...(DOCX, 37KB)


Grant Application for Fire Resilient Demonstration Garden in Wye River Successful(DOCX, 336KB)

We are pleased to announce that the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority has awarded a Coastal Small Grant to assist with the development of a garden to demonstrate fire-resistant landscaping and planting practices in Wye River. Read more...(DOCX, 336KB)

Retaining walls: stage three underway(DOCX, 2MB)

The construction of 21 retaining walls across Wye River and Separation Creek is continuing well. Stage three has commenced and will be completed by approximately mid August. The Stage three schedule comprises retaining walls within the road reserve adjacent to the following properties: 2 Dunoon Avenue, Wye River, 3 Dunoon Avenue, Wye River, 9 Dunoon Avenue, Wye River. Owners of these properties have all been notified in person. Read more...(DOCX, 2MB)

Colac Otway Shire Australia Day Awards

The Australia Day 2018 Nominations for Colac are open! Do you know someone who makes a significant contribution to the Colac Otway Shire community? Nominate them now. Entries close on Friday 18 August 2017. The 2018 Australia Day Celebrations will be held in Colac. Please find the Nomination Form, Guidelines and supporting letter here

Onsite drainage survey(DOCX, 2MB)

 Colac Otway Shire officers will be conducting an onsite drainage survey in Wye River and Separation Creek between the 25 July and 11 August. As part of this survey we may need to enter private properties. Our officers will attempt to notify all property owners before conducting any inspections on private land. Read more...(DOCX, 2MB)

Great Ocean Road – temporary lane closure(DOCX, 13KB)

VicRoads advises drivers that the Great Ocean Road has been reduced to one lane on an 80-metre section between Wye River and Kennett River due to a minor landslip.The landslip, on the ocean side of the road about six kilometres west of Wye River, was caused by heavy rain and natural erosion. Read more...(DOCX, 13KB)

Wye River Pedestrian Works(DOCX, 2MB)

Work on the Wye River township improvements was completed this week.The four-week VicRoads project included new kerb and channel, a pedestrian refuge on the Great Ocean Road, new bus stop platform, paths, landscaping and line marking for car parking spaces. Read more...(DOCX, 2MB)

Paddy's Path Site Visit

Friday 7 July, 12:30 - 1:30 pm. Meet at CFA shed for induction, drive to Sep Ck.

Community members interested in workshopping ideas for the Separation Creek entrance to Paddy's Path are invited to chat with the appointed contractor, CRC and DELWP to finalise the treatment for the steep slope. Please wear solid, closed-toe footwear.

Accommodation for Fire Affected Community Members(DOCX, 38KB)

The following offers of accommodation are available to members of the Wye Sep communities who lost houses or who suffered damage during the 2015 Bushfire. Scully Mill Separation Creek - Free accommodation at Scully Mill for owners of destroyed homes is still available following generous action of a private benefactor in funding 100 nights accommodation. Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve - The Otway Coast Committee are offering discounted rates to assist and support community members through the rebuilding process. Read more...(DOCX, 38KB)


Construction, Traffic and Environment Management Plan

On Wednesday 28 June Council approved the Construction, Traffic and Environment Management Plan (Plan), which was developed by Colac Otway Shire and Coffey to guide construction during the rebuild phase of renewal. The Plan has considered three main factors: the amenity of residents and visitors to the area; traffic management; and management and mitigation of environmental factors. Read more...(DOCX, 38KB)

First Stage of Works for Fire-Resistant Demonstration Garden Underway

A garden to demonstrate fire-resistant land management and planting practices is being developed in the heart of Wye River. Colac Otway Shire Council has been working with the Flora, Fauna and Beachscape Work Group and Southern Otway Landcare Network to establish the garden, which will be alongside Morley Avenue, behind the Wye Beach Hotel. Read more...(DOCX, 330KB)

Retaining walls: stage 2 construction starting(DOCX, 2MB)

Stage two will begin on 27 June, with construction to continue for approximately three and a half weeks. This stage comprises retaining walls within the road reserve adjacent to the following properties in Karingal Drive, Wye River: 12, 14, 28, 31, 44-46, and 61 Karingal Drive. Read more...(DOCX, 2MB)

Road works and stormwater culvert works(PDF, 6MB)

Colac Otway Shire is undertaking stormwater culvert works in Dunoon Road, Wye River, from the 16-23 June. The road will be open at all times. We are also doing stormwater culvert and road works in Koonya Avenue, Wye River, from 19 June – 3 July. The road will be open at all times, with traffic controls in place. Read more...(PDF, 6MB)

Retaining wall construction(PDF, 287KB)

Colac Otway Shire will shortly begin a program to construct 20 retaining walls across Wye River and Separation Creek. The new walls will replace retaining walls located within the Council road reserve that were damaged in the bushfire. Council’s contractor, Leprechaun Landscaping, will commence works in Separation Creek from Monday 19 June 2017. Read more... (PDF, 287KB) 

Road works

Council will be undertaking road works at the intersection of Koonya Avenue and Karingal Drive on the 13 and 14 of June. There will be no road closures, but the intersection will be under traffic management. 

Harrington Park reopened

Colac Otway Shire has completed works in Harrington Park. The park bench, concrete path and timber handrail have been reinstated and the five trees needing pruning have been treated. The work has been completed ahead of schedule and the entire park is now open to the public.

Wye River pedestrian project(PDF, 3MB)

VicRoads will install pedestrian islands on the Great Ocean Road at Wye River. The islands will help pedestrians cross between car parking and the surf beach and the town’s facilities at this popular holiday destination. They will be located between the general store and the main access point to the beach, bus stop and car parking across the road. Read more...(PDF, 3MB)

Paddy’s Path rehabilitation(PDF, 555KB)

The program of works for the rehabilitation of Paddy’s Path kicks off this week, working alongside the VicRoads slope stabilisation program. Read more.(PDF, 555KB)..(PDF, 555KB)

Revegetation management and weed control workshop(PDF, 115KB)

Monday 12 June,10am ‐12:30pm. Presented by Mike Robinson, KOSS of Otway Greening. Learn about and understand: Tree regeneration and management, coppicing and epicormic growth, identifying Indigenous plants and removing weeds. Meet at the CFA Station before proceeding to Harrington Park (weather permitting). Read more...(PDF, 115KB)


Winter Community Lunch(PDF, 3MB)

The Community Connection and Wellbeing Work Group invite the communities of Wye River, Separation Creek and Kennett River to a Winter Community Lunch on Sunday 9 July from 12pm till 3pm at Wye River Surf Life Saving Club. BBQ, Refreshments, Irish Ballads, Kids Activities. No cost. Read more...(PDF, 3MB)

Planning construction works? Here's what you need to know from Council(DOCX, 36KB)

If you wish to conduct the following works, a permit is required from Council:

  • Temporary stockpiling of materials or equipment on road reserves,
  • Vehicle crossing construction and modification, Service or drainage connections,
  • Any works requiring traffic control or road closure.

Read more...(DOCX, 36KB)


Trades and Services Register your interest(PDF, 156KB)


Do you live in the Colac Otway Shire or Surf Coast Shire and work in a Trade or Service Related Business? We would like to hear from you. The Colac Otway Shire is producing a Trades and Services Directory which will be distributed throughout the communities of Wye River, Separation Creek and Kennett River - over 800 households as well as being online. Read more...(PDF, 156KB)

Lorne Community Hospital staff community dinner 

Following the success of a similar event a few months ago, Lorne Community Hospital staff members will be at the Wye River Hotel on the evening of Wednesday 7 June to have an informal dinner with community members. Please join them from 6pm. It will be a nice opportunity to catch up with people and support local business.

Morley Avenue temporary closure

Colac Otway Shire is currently constructing a retaining wall to protect Morley Avenue, with work beginning on Monday 22 May and finishing on Monday 12 June. Morley Avenue will be closed during the works. Residents can access their houses via Slashers Bypass. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time. 

Stanway Drive temporary closure

Colac Otway Shire workers will be undertaking geotechnical investigation work at Stanway Drive on Monday 29 May and Tuesday 30 May. Stanway Drive will be closed to the public during this work, and will re-open on Wednesday 31 May. Thank you for your understanding. 

CRC Submission to EMV Resilient Recovery paper(DOCX, 19KB)

The CRC recently made a submission to the important Emergency Management Victoria discussion paper. This is our submission summary(DOCX, 19KB). The CRC's full submission and a full discussion of community development principles and how they could be used to embed a command and control response in a community led model of resilient recovery is here(PDF, 804KB).

Hazardous tree removal and pruning(DOCX, 34KB)

Council commissioned an independent Arborist to undertake an assessment of the condition of trees on Council controlled land in November 2016. The report recommended that 13 trees be removed and that 15 be pruned. This work was carried out prior to Easter. Read more...(DOCX, 34KB)

Discounted accommodation for fire-affected residents(DOCX, 36KB)

On behalf of the Otway Coast Committee (OCC), we are pleased to advise that discounted accommodation at the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve is available for those members of the Wye River and Separation Creek communities who lost houses or who suffered damaged in the fires. Read more...(DOCX, 36KB)

Replanting Support Program(DOCX, 34KB)

The Flora, Fauna & Beachscape CRC Work Group, Southern Otway Landcare Network, Colac Otway Shire and DELWP are working together to deliver the Replanting Support Program, announced by Minister Neville in March. Read more...(DOCX, 34KB)

VicRoads May update(DOCX, 767KB)

The 36-metre retaining wall above Paddy’s Path and below 24 and 25 Iluka Avenue has now been completed and the temporary access track from Wallace Ave has been remediated and hydro seeded. Read more...(DOCX, 767KB)

DELWP road works on Dollar Drive

DELWP will be undertaking road works on Dollar Drive within the Great Otway Park National section, which links Dollar Drive to Wye Road. Read more... (DOCX, 33KB)

Service Charter

To help you know who to contact at Council and to ensure we continue to meet your needs, Colac-Otway Shire has produced a Service Charter, specifically for the communities of Wye River and Separation Creek. It outlines our service commitment to you and key contacts. Service Charter(DOCX, 42KB) 

Wye Road Closure – Monday 8 May until 19 May 2017

Wye Road will be closed from Monday 8 May until 19 May, 2017 while Forest Fire Management Victoria conduct critical risk reduction works. Curtis Track, Jamieson Track, Godfrey Track and Wye Track will also be closed during this period. Read more...(DOCX, 6MB)

Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2017

The Great Ocean Road will host participants from across Australia in one of the seven events on the 20th and 21st of May 2017. Read more…


WyeSep Connect URL change

From Sunday, April 30th, WyeSep Connect will transition to Council’s website, at: colacotway.vic.gov.au/wyesep Read more...(DOCX, 35KB)

VicRoads April update(PDF, 193KB)

The 75m retaining wall on the Great Ocean Road has been completed on schedule and both lanes of the Great Ocean Road were reopened for Easter. The wall is now fully lined with Gabian rock baskets. Read more...(PDF, 193KB)

DELWP update(PDF, 60KB)

Separation Creek foreshore fencing is being replaced by the Otway Coast Committee (OCC) as part of a project funded through the Great Ocean Road Economic and Community Recovery Fund 2016. Read more...(PDF, 60KB)

Community forum outcomes(PDF, 59KB)

On Saturday 8 April Nous Group (Nous) facilitated a community forum at the Wye River SLSC as part of their independent evaluation of the Wye River Separation Creek fire recovery. Read more...(PDF, 59KB)

Community Intention Survey results(PDF, 92KB)  

Council undertook a Community Intention Survey over January/February 2017 to seek feedback from the 109 property owners where a house was destroyed in the 2015 Christmas Day fire. Read more...(PDF, 92KB)

Hazardous tree works(PDF, 62KB)

Council is managing and removing dangerous trees on Council-owned land, which will improve safety in the area ahead of winter. Read more...(PDF, 62KB)

Harrington Park reinstatement(PDF, 135KB)

Council has sought quotes for the reinstatement works at Harrington Park, with the process on track for work to be completed by the end of June. We are replacing like-for-like, as per the photo of the Harrington Path prior to the bushfire. Read more...(PDF, 66KB)

How do you think the Renewal of Wye and Sep is going?(PDF, 66KB)

You can catch members of the Community Resilience Committee at the General Store this Saturday 29th April between 10-11, or on Sunday May 14 between 2-3. Or email us anytime at crcwyesepcommunityreps@gmail.com. Read more...(DOCX, 34KB)

Construction, Traffic and Environment Management Plan(PDF, 64KB)

Thank you to residents and property owners who attended Council’s drop-in session on the draft Construction, Traffic and Environment Management Plan on Monday 24 April 2017 at the Wye River Surf Life Saving Club. Read more...(PDF, 64KB)

Wye River CFA Auxiliary Easter Fete(PDF, 194KB)

The Wye River CFA Easter Saturday Fete was a huge success, with approximately $14,000 raised. Read more...(PDF, 194KB)