Recently awarded tenders

Contract 1809 - Drainage Outfall Duplication Works – Thomson Street, Apollo Bay
Awarded to: Otway Civil
Contract Sum: $279,245
Date of award: 1 May 2018 

Contract 1805 - Construction of Landslip Stabilisation Works, Drainage and Associated Roadworks, Stanway Drive, Separation Creek
Awarded to: Geotech Pty Ltd
Contract Sum: $1,452,086.00
Date of award: 3 May 2018 

Contract 1802 - Construction of Irrewarra Cricket Club clubrooms (Re-advertised)
Awarded to: JC & MB Turner Builders
Contract Sum: $187,684.00
Date of award: 24 April 2018

Contract 1743 Footpath Improvement Program – Skenes Creek
Awarded to: GreenCon
Contract Sum: $158,025.00
Date of award: 4 May 2018

Contract 1746 Design and Construction – Barongarook Creek Footbridge
Awarded to: GR Design & Construct
Contract Sum: $88,593.65
Date of award: 11 April 2018

Quotation No. 2017/18-27 - Colac Otway Shire Tourism Parking and Traffic Strategy
Awarded to: GTA Consultants
Contract Sum: $97,500.00
Date of award: 29 March 2018

Contract 1749 - Supply and installation of driveway crossings, in situ concrete works, pavement sealing, table drain reprofiling and installation of pits and pipes in Wye River and Separation Creek (Re-advertised)
Awarded to: Fitzgerald Civil Construction
Contract Sum: $1,609,606.41
Date of award: 7 March 2018

Contract 1747 Bluewater Leisure Centre – Supply and Install Solar PV System
Awarded to: Urban Renewables
Contract Sum: $80,446.00
Date of award:19 March 2018

Quotation 2017/18 - 29 Irrewarra-Beeac Netball Courts – Installation of Chain Link Fencing and Pine Log Barriers

Awarded to: Fencings Projects Australia
Date of award: 1 February 2018

Quotation 2017/18 - 28 Irrewarra-Beeac Netball Courts – Installation of Courts Lighting System
Awarded to: Frith Electrical and Air Conditioning Pty Ltd
Date of award: 31 January 2018

Quotation No. 2017/18-31 - Pathway Hit Up Wall & Basketball Key Gellibrand Rex Norman Park
Awarded to: Fitzgerald Civil Pty Ltd

Contract 1744 - Road Reconstruction Works - Murray and Pascoe Streets, Apollo Bay.
Awarded to: R Slater and Sons
Contract sum: $1,135,447.75
Date of award: 1 February 2018

Contract 1741 - Improvement Works - Queen Street Elliminyt
Awarded to: R Slater and Sons
Contract sum: $1,217,975.50
Date of award: 1 February 2018

Contract 1731 – Livestock Scanning Services
Awarded to: Scanclear Pty Ltd
Date of award: 14 December 2017

Contract 1730 – Provision of a Storage Area Network (SAN)
Awarded to: Think Technology Pty Ltd
Contract sum: $203,990
Date of award: 29 January 2018

Quotation No 2017/18-32 - Colac Lake Carpark - Gellibrand Street
Awarded to: Civelite
Contract sum: $57,570 (excluding GST)
Date of award: 19 December 2017

Quotation 2016/17 09 - Bruce Street Closed Landfill Environmental Site Assessment
Awarded to: SMEC Australia
Contract sum: $52,522
Date of award: 11 December 2017

Contract 1729 – Design and Construct Raffertys Road Bridge
Awarded to: VEC Civil Engineering
Contract sum: $367,641 (excluding GST)
Date of award: 24 November 2017

Contract 1719 – Asphalt Works
Awarded to: Asphalt Paving Services (trading as Hetekaro Pty Ltd)
Contract sum: $77,095 (excluding GST)
Date of award: 20 November 2017

Contract 1724 - Provision of Tree Services (PANEL)
Awarded to:
Aspect Tree Management
Batt Brothers
Bellarine Tree Services
Key HR Electrical Services
Rob Jamieson
GAB Group - Trees Traffic Power
Date of award 19 October 2017
Contract term: 2 years + option

T1770863 Annual Supply of Bituminous Sprayed Sealing Works (G21 – Geelong Region Procurement Network)
Awarded to: Inroads Pty Ltd
Date of award: 10 October 2017
Contract term: 1 year

Contract 1721 - Disposal Services for Organic Materials  
Awarded to: Camperdown Compost
Date of award: 12 September 2017
Contract term: 1 year + options

Quotation 2016/17 - 88 Playground Condition Audit Services
Awarded to: Play DMC
Date of award: 4 September 2017

Quotation 2016/17 - 62 Environmental Audits
Awarded to: EHS Support
Contract sum: $42,900 (excluding GST)
Date of award: 17 July 2017

Quotation 2016/17 - 61 Coastal Discovery Trail Stage 2
Awarded to: Michael Smith and Associates
Contract sum: $47,049 (excluding GST).
Date of award: 27 July 2017

Contract 1723 - Concrete Footpath Replacement - Colac CBD Revitalisation Project
Awarded to:
Accurate Bricks Concreting & Landscaping for Murray Street – Gellibrand Street to Hesse Street
Pat Bourk for Murray Street - Corangamite Street to Gellibrand Street.
Date of award: 25 July 2017

Contract 1714 Planning Consultancy Services (PANEL)
Awarded to:
Bernadette McGovan Planning Consultant
BJK Planning
Conway Planning
John Keaney
Meinhardt Infrastructure and Environment Pty Ltd
Southern Cross Town Planning Pty Ltd
Spectrum Planning Solutions
St Quentin
TGM Group
The Planning Connection
Tomkinson Group
Town Matters Pty Ltd
Date of award: 1 August 2017
Contract term: 3 years + option

Contract 1722 - Public Lighting & Associated Electrical Works - Colac CBD Revitalisation Project
Awarded to: Moran & Bamford Electrical Pty Ltd
Date of award: 21 July 2017

Contract 1715 Business Improvement Services (PANEL)
Awarded to:
Business and General Computer Systems Pty Ltd t/as BGCS
Corporate Strategic Systems
Ingle & Associates Pty Ltd
Richard Michael Love t/as Pacesetter Services
Votar Partners Pty Ltd
Date of award: 18 July 2017
Contract term: 2 years + option

Contract 1713 Internal Audit Services
Awarded to Crowe Horwath
Date of award: 16 June 2017
Contract Term: 2 years + options

Contract 1710 External Plant Hire and Associated Services (PANEL)
Awarded to:
Bartlett’s Waste Management Pty Ltd
Coragulac Quarries
Deja Eight Pty Ltd
Donald Gordon Pearce T/as Ducks Logging
Environmental Services Group Pty Ltd
Gavlex Pty Ltd T/as RSP Environmental Services
Glenn Higgins Excavations
Luxton Plant Pty Ltd
MCC Group Pty Ltd T/as Bridge Tech
McNaughtons Excavations Pty Ltd
Melis and Sons Pty Ltd
PJM Machinery
Porter Excavations Pty Ltd T/as Porter Plant
PremiAir Services Pty Ltd
R & L Richardson Transport
Richardson’s Transport (VIC) Pty Ltd
Date of award: 29 June 2017
Contract term: 1 year

Contract 1711 Supply of Crushed Rock, Sealing Aggregate and Pavement Materials (PANEL)
Awarded to:
Coragulac Quarries
David Eldridge Pty Ltd t/as D E Quarries
Frank R Russell Pty Ltd
Geelong Quarries
Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd
Melis & Sons Pty Ltd
Date of award: 29 June 2017
Contract term: 1 year