Recently awarded tenders

Contract 1811 - Construction of Road Slip Stabilisation Works (Retaining Walls, Piers, Piling, Drainage and Erosion Control), Blue Johanna Road, Johanna
Awarded to: Deja Eight Pty Ltd
Date of award: 2 July 2018

Contract 1812 - Construction of Road Slip Stabilisation Works (Retaining Walls, Piers and Drainage), Old Bay Road, Apollo Bay
Awarded to: Deja Eight Pty Ltd
Date of Award: 2 July 2018

Contract 1810 - Construction of Landslip Stabilisation Works (Retaining Walls and Drainage), Lardners Track, Gellibrand
Awarded to: Langdon Contractors Pty Ltd
Date of award: 20 June 2018

Contract 1814 - Design and Construct New Toilet Block – Meredith Park, Irrewarra
Awarded to: Asco Open Space Pty Ltd
Date of award: 5 June 2018

Contract 1815 - Birregurra Hall Internal Upgrades
Awarded to: Adam Hall Builder
Date of award:  31 May 2018

Contract 1809 -
Drainage Outfall Duplication Works – Thomson Street, Apollo Bay
Awarded to: Otway Civil
Date of award: 1 May 2018 

Contract 1805 - Construction of Landslip Stabilisation Works, Drainage and Associated Roadworks, Stanway Drive, Separation Creek
Awarded to: Geotech Pty Ltd
Date of award: 3 May 2018 

Contract 1802 - Construction of Irrewarra Cricket Club clubrooms (Re-advertised)
Awarded to: JC & MB Turner Builders
Date of award: 24 April 2018

Contract 1743 Footpath Improvement Program – Skenes Creek
Awarded to: GreenCon
Date of award: 4 May 2018

Contract 1746 Design and Construction – Barongarook Creek Footbridge
Awarded to: GR Design & Construct
Date of award: 11 April 2018

Quotation No. 2017/18-27 - Colac Otway Shire Tourism Parking and Traffic Strategy
Awarded to: GTA Consultants
Date of award: 29 March 2018

Contract 1749 - Supply and installation of driveway crossings, in situ concrete works, pavement sealing, table drain reprofiling and installation of pits and pipes in Wye River and Separation Creek (Re-advertised)
Awarded to: Fitzgerald Civil Construction
Date of award: 7 March 2018

Contract 1747 Bluewater Leisure Centre – Supply and Install Solar PV System
Awarded to: Urban Renewables
Date of award:19 March 2018

Quotation 2017/18 - 29 Irrewarra-Beeac Netball Courts – Installation of Chain Link Fencing and Pine Log Barriers

Awarded to: Fencings Projects Australia
Date of award: 1 February 2018

Quotation 2017/18 - 28 Irrewarra-Beeac Netball Courts – Installation of Courts Lighting System
Awarded to: Frith Electrical and Air Conditioning Pty Ltd
Date of award: 31 January 2018

Quotation No. 2017/18-31 - Pathway Hit Up Wall & Basketball Key Gellibrand Rex Norman Park
Awarded to: Fitzgerald Civil Pty Ltd

Contract 1744 - Road Reconstruction Works - Murray and Pascoe Streets, Apollo Bay.
Awarded to: R Slater and Sons
Date of award: 1 February 2018

Contract 1741 - Improvement Works - Queen Street Elliminyt
Awarded to: R Slater and Sons
Date of award: 1 February 2018

Contract 1731 – Livestock Scanning Services
Awarded to: Scanclear Pty Ltd
Date of award: 14 December 2017

Contract 1730 – Provision of a Storage Area Network (SAN)
Awarded to: Think Technology Pty Ltd
Date of award: 29 January 2018

Quotation No 2017/18-32 - Colac Lake Carpark - Gellibrand Street
Awarded to: Civelite
Date of award: 19 December 2017

Quotation 2016/17 09 - Bruce Street Closed Landfill Environmental Site Assessment
Awarded to: SMEC Australia
Date of award: 11 December 2017

Contract 1729 – Design and Construct Raffertys Road Bridge
Awarded to: VEC Civil Engineering
Date of award: 24 November 2017

Contract 1719 – Asphalt Works
Awarded to: Asphalt Paving Services (trading as Hetekaro Pty Ltd)
Date of award: 20 November 2017

Contract 1724 - Provision of Tree Services (PANEL)
Awarded to:
Aspect Tree Management
Batt Brothers
Bellarine Tree Services
Key HR Electrical Services
Rob Jamieson
GAB Group - Trees Traffic Power
Date of award 19 October 2017
Contract term: 2 years + option

T1770863 Annual Supply of Bituminous Sprayed Sealing Works (G21 – Geelong Region Procurement Network)
Awarded to: Inroads Pty Ltd
Date of award: 10 October 2017
Contract term: 1 year

Contract 1721 - Disposal Services for Organic Materials  
Awarded to: Camperdown Compost
Date of award: 12 September 2017
Contract term: 1 year + options

Quotation 2016/17 - 88 Playground Condition Audit Services
Awarded to: Play DMC
Date of award: 4 September 2017