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RFT 1915 - Wydinia Kindergarten - Playground and Landscaping
Council invites submissions from suitable tenders for the Supply, Construction, Installation, Demolition and removal works, for the Wydinia Kindergarten, to create a safe and inclusive play space environment for all children.

The works will be staged in two sections, allowing the children ample play space to use for play during the works. The works to be performed involve, but are not limited to;

  • Landscaping of the new play space to include new surfaces and soft fall, and also new plants/trees.
  • Removal of old/dangerous equipment or which otherwise no longer provides inclusive, safe play.
  • Installation of new, more accessible and safer equipment components for all-inclusive play,
  • Construction including gravel, paving and concrete works.
  • Edging to define play space boundaries and an automated pop-up irrigation system.
    Submissions close 2.00pm, Wednesday 23 January 2019.

RFT 1920 Wye River and Separation Creek Pits and Pipes Drainage Works
Council would like to invite suitable tenders for the supply and installation of pits and pipes within Wye River and Separation Creek. The Colac Otway Shire has developed an integrated stormwater management plan with careful consideration of the neighbourhood character and the requirement to address the issues of erosion control and slope stability.
This plan will control the stormwater in the townships by improving the existing table drains, increasing the capacity of driveway culverts, installing kerb and channel, sealing intersection and installing reticulated pits and pipes.
Submissions close 2.00pm, Wednesday 30 January 2019.

RFT 1927 - Forrest Mountain Bike Trails (MTB) Detailed Design Plan
Council invites submissions from suitable tenders for the Forrest Mountain Bike Trails (MTB) Detailed Design Plan, which is broken into four key projects;
     Project 1: Detailed Design and Costings for the Boundary Road Traffic Treatment
     Project 2: Schematic Drawings and Detailed Design 
     Project 3: Forrest Trail Head Precinct Masterplan
     Project 4: Cultural Heritage and Pre-planning Studies
Submissions close at 2pm, Wednesday 6 February 2019.

RFT 1929 - Apollo Bay Carpark Construction
Council invites submissions from suitable tenders for the construction of a sealed formalized car park with proper drainages in the Apollo Bay Harbor.
Submissions close at 2pm, Wednesday 13th February 2019.

RFT 1928 - Sheehan’s Road and Kenny’s Lane Intersection Upgrade
Council invites submissions from suitable tenders for works relating to the Sheehans Road and Kennys Lane Intersection Upgrade. Works to be performed under the contract is: reinstate the road pavement to Asphalt pavement, introduce new centre island to Kenny’s Lane, Kerbing Channelings, 25m new guardrail and line markings.
Submissions close at 2pm, Wednesday 06 February 2019.