Colac 2050 Growth Plan

19 August 2017, 12:00 AM

Colac 2050 Growth Plan

Community Engagement

The community’s views on how and where Colac should grow are important to Council.  Council has therefore designed a comprehensive community engagement program to provide opportunities for people to participate in a variety of ways to help inform the Colac 2050 Growth Plan.  

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Attend one of the Community and Stakeholder Workshops
  • Write a submission
  • Nominate to be part of the Citizen Jury
  • Email us to Stay informed

Community and Stakeholder Workshops

Council will be facilitating a number of workshops as part of the first phase of community engagement. This is your opportunity to be part of the plan development phase – we are seeking community input to identify where and how Colac should grow. These ideas will then be considered by the citizen jury later in the year, to form part of the draft Colac 2050 Growth Plan.  

The workshops dates are:

  • Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 7pm – 9pm – COPACC: Meeting Rooms 1 and 2
  • Friday, 4 August 2017, 12pm – 1:30pm – COPACC: Meeting Rooms 1 and 2
  • Sunday, 6 August 2017, 10am – 12pm – COPACC: Meeting Rooms 1 and 2

To attend a workshop, please RSVP at least two business days prior to the workshop to secure your seat as places are limited.

RSVP via email: or phone 03 5232 9400.


Submissions can be completed via our Online Submission Form.  Or in writing via email to or mailed to PO Box 283 Colac Victoria 3250. Please note submissions close 18 August 2017.

Colac 2050 Citizen Jury

The Colac 2050 Citizen Jury aims to involve the wider community in the preparation of the Colac 2050 Growth Plan by making recommendations to Council. Council will remain the statutory decision maker. 

The jury will be made up of a representative sample of citizens selected in a random and then stratified manner so that the final jury reflects the demographic profile of the community in relation to age, gender and place of residence.  They will be briefed in detail on the background and current thinking relating to the Colac 2050 Growth Plan, and will asked to discuss possible approaches to growth.  This will occur over three Saturdays in October / November 2017. 

Juries are intended to complement other forms of consultation rather than replace them.  The Jury will be asked to make recommendations in the form of a report, which will then be presented to Council.

Council will be seeking expressions of interest for members of the public who are interested in being involved in the Colac 2050 Citizen Jury.  Stay tuned for further details in the coming months.

 For more information on the Colac 2050 Growth Plan